Yoganetics: Relaxation and Basic Workout (DVD) cover
Yoganetics: Relaxation and Basic Workout (DVD cover)

Relaxation and Basic Workout

by Wyatt Townley

Come home to your body with this 60-minute DVD. Done on the floor, this video offers core-based, non-weight-bearing exercise that is easy on the joints. These gentle motions, backed by the path breathing technique, are the foundation of Yoganetics®.

The DVD begins with a 15-minute guided relaxation (a real de-stressor which can be done separately on its own) followed by a 45-minute workout—lengthening and strengthening muscles you never knew you had.

Complete with "gentle" and "challenge" modifications, the video is designed to grow with you as you learn to move from the core outward, breath by breath. (Learn more about the Yoganetics® system at

Each copy signed by the authorEach copy signed by the author $24.95 • 60 minutes • For beginners and students of all levels
Mat-based exercise • Modified for special needs
© 2000 Wyatt Townley • DVD version 2005
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"Enormously satisfying….Yoganetics is for all levels of students looking for a dynamic…poetically uplifting practice."

Yoga Journal

"Wyatt Townley comes to the rescue with her new Yoganetics video….Simple yet profound, with exquisite imagery."

Kansas City Wellness Magazine